व्हिस्की के अनजाने फायदे

व्हिस्की के फायदे ही फायदे जानो इन्दुपाल से(पर दिकत ये हे के कुछ आदमी मेरे  जेसे  बोततल का dakan बंद करना नहीं जानते )(फिर जब कुत्ते नाली में उनका जब मुह चाटते है नसा मुक्ति केन्द्रों में देवराज जी जेसो की मदद लेते है.या फिर समजदार आदमियों  जेसे सुरजीत जी(वो भी तो  मेरे बड़े भाई है )  की तरह जीते है.ठाट से/(आप किसी नसा  मुक्ति केंदर का पत्ता हो तो कमेंट  बॉक्स में लिखे (जनहित में जार्री)

  1. It helps you avoid weight gain

Compared to a lot of mixed drinks and beers out there, whiskey is a low-calorie, low-sugar alcohol, so you can enjoy it without having to later worry about running off that dreaded beer gut.

  1. It promotes heart health

Along with dark beers and wine, whiskey is one of the only other drinks that can claim the benefit of being heart healthy. The antioxidants that are in whiskey can help reduce your risk of a heart attack by lowering bad cholesterol, and even boosting your good cholesterol.

  1. It helps fight cancer

Whiskey is said to be rich in antioxidants, particularly one called ellagic acid. This chemical is known to help prevent your body’s DNA from coming into contact with carcinogens. It’s also known to help protect your body from the effects of chemotherapy.

  1. It improves your brain health

Studies have shown that drinking a small to moderate amount of whiskey may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (though heavy drinking may increase the risk, so if you plan on testing this method on yourself, make sure you don’t over-do it!).

  1. It reduces your risk of stroke

Because whiskey prevents cholesterol build up and also helps to reduce your bad cholesterol, it lowers your risk of stroke as well. It also helps relax the walls of the arteries and promotes blood flow. Now what’s not to love about that?

  1. It helps reduce stress

Besides it’s negative impact on your mental health, stress will run your body ragged and is linked to numerous health risks. As many fans of whiskey are sure to testify, a stiff drink may be just what you need to calm your nerves and relieve that stress. And because it helps you with circulation, whiskey can help you feel like a new person after a rough day.

  1. It boosts your memory

The same health benefits that help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease also boost your memory. Whiskey improves your circulation, making sure your brain gets plenty of blood and stays in tip-top shape!

  1. It helps with digestion

Did you know whiskey has long been used as a digestion aid? It can help curb your appetite after a meal, preventing you from overeating and helping you avoid stomach aches or indigestion.

  1. It lengthens your lifespan

Because whiskey is chock-full of antioxidants and nutrients, it can help your immune system and prevent your body from contracting diseases. It can also help prevent the slow breakdown of important cells in your body, thus lengthening your lifespan!

  1. It’s safe for diabetics

Since whiskey is a low-sugar and low-carb alcohol, it’s the perfect drink if you suffer from diabetes. You can enjoy a good drink and not have to worry about what it may do to your blood sugar. And that is something that we can all drink to!



मेरे देश की धरती

सोना  उगले उगले हीरे मोती


देश  की धरती




The meaning of mild fatty infiltration of the liver is the fact that fatty liver isn’t yet developed at its full scale. Blood results would show some levels of elevated liver enzymes, but not as much.

Liver ultrasound would show some levels of enlarged liver and fat around the liver, but again, not as much as a non-mild fatty infiltration of the liver.

The truth about Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver

The problem is, there is actually no such thing. To avoid fatty liver complications, the disease needs an attention as soon as you are diagnosed, no matter if it’s mild or at any other stage.

If you are being told you “only” have a mild fatty liver infiltration and it’s nothing to worry about – don’t take it for granted. Your aim should be to stop the disease as soon as possible by treating fatty liver. Don’t wait for the advancement of the disease.

If you have been told you have a Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver, comment below and tell your story.

Looking for fatty liver diet foods? Wondering what you should eat and what foods you should avoid with a fatty liver? You’re reached the right place!

Eating the right fatty liver diet foods is a crucial key to reverse the disease. A non-alcoholic fatty liver disease mainly develops due to excessive amount of fat consumed by the individual.

The fat concentrated in so many types of food many of are used to since we remember ourselves are damaging one of our most crucial organ – the liver.

Some of these fats are stored in and around the liver, thus contributing to the development of fatty liver disease.

The foods mentioned in this article are also recommended for many other diseases that depend on good nutrition.

Here are the foods that you should and should not eat if you have a fatty liver:

Foods you want to avoid eating as much as possible

  • White bread.
  • Butter.
  • Most prepared breakfast cereals (usually contain high levels of sugar).
  • White rice.
  • Concentrated sugar.
  • Fat rich meals, like – Hamburger, Pizza, etc.
  • High-glycerin food (a compound used in many artificial sweeteners and as a preservative).
  • High-cholesterol food (eggs for example – limit yourself to two eggs per week).
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Fried food / fast food.

Recommended foods for fatty liver you should focus on

  • Beans and unprocessed grains.
  • Whole grain bread.
  • Slim milk instead of whole milk.
  • Food with high level of proteins.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Vegetables for fatty liver – broccoli is highly recommended.
  • Fruits for fatty liver (3-4 slices per day – try to avoid bananas as it contains lots of glucose).

Moderation is the key

I’m not suggesting you should never e/at the foods mentioned in the avoid list. It’s all about moderation. Eating your favorite food once in a while is not a crime, but you should limit yourself and monitor your progress. Determination is the key to reverse a fatty liver.

In addition, remember that weight loss is the most effective way to cure a fatty liver. It’s the combination of eating healthy foods for you liver, plus exercise. Physical activity is an additional key factor to BURN THE FAT  in your body and your liver, as it replaces the fats with muscles.

Getting all the help you can!

It’s hard to change your eating habits so fast. The reason is that you’re so used to the foods you eat your whole life, it’s very hard to change what you are so used to. For that reason I highly recommend starting a proper diet plan using the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It helped hundreds of my own patients. Click here to learn more.

A food pyramid you could use as a general guide